Evergreen Community Association Executive


Name Executive Position
Laura Monchuk Interim President
Pankaj Bhowmik Vice President
Scott Ziegler Communications Coordinator
Jenna Dumais Secretary
Stefanie Wong Soccer Coordinator/Membership
Cory Bisson Treasurer
Jenna Dumais Website Coordinator
VACANT Indoor Coordinator
Andrew Bailey Civic Coordinator
Shelley Neufeld Program Coordinator
Todd Nieszner Rink Coordinator
Madison Pikaluk Baseball Coordinator
Sara Waarnar Registration Coordinator
VACANT Social Coordinator
VACANT Volunteer Coordinator
Justin Mutch Bookings Coordinator
Deanna McLay Member at Large
Lacey Warnock Member at Large
Michael Bazin Member at Large
Jackie Tigg Member at Large

3 thoughts on “Evergreen Community Association Executive

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  2. How do we register for basketball? SMBA states this is done through our community association but it is not listed as an option under youth fall programs


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