Evergreen Early Learning Centre Donation Request

The 90-space Evergreen Early Learning Centre is currently seeking gently used books, blankets and household items such as floor lamps, baskets and ottomans.

The Evergreen Early Learning Centre is operated by , in the new joint-use school facilities. For direct inquiries, contact the Boys and Girls Club at:; 306-373-3111.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Early Learning Centre: 

  1. When will the child care centre open at the joint-use school?  The child care centre is expected to open by fall 2017.
  2. Will the child care centre be open to anyone or just families who live in that neighbourhood? The child care centre will be open to all families; however, children residing in the school community, as well as those with siblings enrolled in the joint-use school will be prioritized.
  3. How many spots will there be for infants, toddler or school-aged children at the child care centre?  The centre is designed to accomodate 90 spaces: 12 infants (less than 18 months), 25 toddlers (18-25 months), and 53 preschool aged children (30 months up to and including Kindergarten).
  4. What will be the process to get my child’s name on the list? Registration will open at noon on April 1. Parents can contact the Boys and Girls Clubs of Saskatoon directly for registration information.
  5. What are the fees for the child care in the new joint-use schools? Fees will be determined by the operator of the child care centre, not the school or division.
  6. I’m planning to enroll my child in Kindergarten. Can I get a child care spot for the other non-school days? Boys
    and Girls Clubs of Saskatoon
     will be establishing the availability of child care for Kindergarten children.
  7. Is there a before and after school program? School divisions intend to have before and after school programs available for students. A discernment process is currently underway.

Please visit for more information.


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