Volunteer in Your Community

Are you interested in being more involved in your community? Evergreen Community Association is always looking for extra hands to help plan and work together toward community events and fundraisers.


E-mail us for more information.

PROGRAM COORDINATORS: We need two volunteers to help plan programs for kids and adults in the upcoming fall and winter sessions. Responsibilities include securing instructors with help from the city, working with nearby communities on shared programs, working with the facilities coordinator to book space and times and invoicing. Support will be available from the outgoing program coordinators to ease into this position.

SOCCER COORDINATOR: One volunteer is needed to help with the upcoming indoor and outdoor soccer seasons.

SOFTBALL COORDINATOR:  One volunteer is needed to help with the upcoming indoor blast ball and outdoor softball seasons.

MEMBERS AT LARGE: Being a member at large on the ECA executive board allows you to participate in making motions and voting at monthly meetings.

VOLUNTEERS: The Evergreen Community Association is looking for volunteers to help put on events such as Community BBQs, movie night and more.

Here’s what one of our newest volunteers, Sam Whitehawk, had to say about volunteering with Evergreen Community Association:

I am very new to the Evergreen Community Association. However, I have volunteered to serve ECA because I want to be involved in my neighbourhood as much as I can be. My wife and I built our home here beginning in 2015 and moved in June of 2016. We knew this is where we wanted to raise our daughters and plan on being here for a long time, so the prospect of meeting my neighbours and serving the community was an easy choice for me.

Already our family has benefited from programs such as Dance, Kindercise, Men’s Basketball and now Kids Soccer. It became apparent immediately that in order to put on many beneficial programs and events for our growing neighbourhood, it takes a fair amount of time if only a few people are serving. It is nice to see men and women within the ECA who have young kids and full time jobs like myself still want to go the extra mile for their community. I really appreciate all the hard work these great ECA members have put in month after month. If anyone is willing and able, please consider joining amazing team because I am sure glad I did.


2 thoughts on “Volunteer in Your Community

  1. I have been trying to contact any member of the association but no direct contact available to be used.
    I thought I could meet anyone during the 7 January 2018 ECA board meeting but I didn’t know where Evergreen resource room is located.
    I sent an email on Jan 1, 2018 but didn’t get a response.
    I hope someone in the association would see this note.


  2. Hi, Marcus. I am sorry you have not received contact. You should have received an earlier email from me after I returned from extended holidays. Please check your inbox and let me know if it has gone to spam perhaps. I can try again. Please send your phone number to info@evergreencommunity.ca and I will call if you’d like.

    The meeting was actually held tonight at 7 p.m., Jan. 8. The Community Resource Room is in the center of the school complex. Our next meeting will be Feb. 5. Hope to meet you then.

    -Laura Monchuk, ECA President


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