Online Winter Program Registration Open Jan. 4-14, 2018

Online registration for Evergreen Community Association’s winter indoor programs is open January 4-14, 2018. There will be no in-person registration events.

Evergreen is sharing programming with other local community associations. If our allotted classes are “full” please contact the ECA indoor program coordinator to inquire about waiting lists.

An up-to-date annual Community Association membership of $10 is required to register in Evergreen Community Association (ECA) programs.  Other up-to-date community association memberships are also accepted. If you purchased an ECA membership during the spring or fall 2017 program seasons, you do not need to purchase a membership for the winter 2018 program season.  A new membership season will begin in fall 2018.


6 thoughts on “Online Winter Program Registration Open Jan. 4-14, 2018

  1. Was not able to see or register for the art class posted in the leisure guide for Forrest Grove school on Monday nights?
    Ages 8-11 I believe?


  2. Hello I registered for Zumba on Thursday evenings. I see that it’s gone through on my visa but I haven’t received an email confirmation. Just wondering if there was a problem with my email or if it takes awhile to receive it?


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